My Multiple Niche Website


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Hi! I've uploaded my website and It's running.:yahoo:
Now I need some opinion about look, speed, and If it's breaking any toc of hosting.:search:
Please watch my Website at : Smart-Stop and give your opinions.:pardon:


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I am impressed. What cms are you using? Its clean, simple and acceasible. Great work.


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After seeing some other sites on here I am rather impressed on this one. The whole design is simple and sleek and does not need anything else to stand out. Easy to navigate and should catch visitors' eyes.


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Actually I was working on site SEO factors, that's why I've less posts. But Now I'm working on it's content and soon I'll have lots of contents. And most important thing is Thanks for your compliments.


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It's clean and neat. Has what it needs but doesn't cram flashing insanity down your throat the way some sites do.

Design-wise, I would give it a solid grade A


I highly suggest you find yourself a grammar nazi and have them proofread all of your content before going live. If you want to do it right, take the time to find someone that natively speaks each language you intend to use for your site and have them read over the pages. Make sure these are people that have good grammar and know the rules for the written word. The design of your site isn't just the images and the colors; it's also the fonts and sizing and spacing and grammar and punctuation. Doing things correctly will separate you from other sites that simply copy/paste their stuff.

Just remember the simple rule that while attractive design gets views, properly formatted, written and displayed content that is regularly checked and updated is what keeps people coming back and spreading the link to their friends.


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Now this is just my opinion. Strait to the point, I think you did a good job but I start to feel a little claustrophobic there. It feels a little cluttered with a poor use of "whitespace". Not to promote anything, I think you might benefit from going through some of the free classes at

You may be able to pick up on something new and drive your traffic through the roof. Other than all that, it looks good. Hope my opinion helps. :smile:


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Good website and you're using the right theme for your content. Just a bit of advice, the color combination you are using for your logo doesn't suit the color combination of the css of your website. That violet-indigo is looking bit odd. Just the color, logo is really good.


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Theme looks nice, but well. it is WP and unfortunately, it is slow :/ I do have the same problem with WP websites; that CMS is heavy! Anyways, everything else is fine. good luck!


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Looks very nice and like Gregoric said, it is slow, you have to improve it but the rest is nice, good luck with your project.


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Hello try to use the colours inside the logo what have been used in the theme itself .
Btw the theme u use is called SmartMag for 58 dollars on themeforest ;)