Naming git branch as feature/featureName or username/featureName instead of creating sub-branch


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I am working with a remote team and I am being asked to do following:
For creating any branch for bug fix cerate it as 'hotfix/BUGFIX_NAME'
For any feature branch create it as 'feature/FEATURE_BRANCH_NAME'
create individual branches by your names separately work on your named
branch and create any branch of your task under it. once you merge any
task in your named branch, you can merge it in the current feature
branch or hotfix branch
I need to work on featureA so I will be doing:
git checkout -b myname/featureA
In future I need to create more features so I may do:
git checkout -b myname/featureB
Is it common/right way to name branches this way or should I do below:
git checkout -b myname
git checkout -b featureA myname
git checkout -b featureb myname
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So my question is that am I doing what is right way as per instructions and what should be done?
I apologize if my question is too much subjective and could not be useful for anyone else. Need help before I mess up! :)