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I have checked with the grammar website, and those informations are pretty bad and poor. You should use some grammar check websites before posting things as your english is not fluent, probably your second language which means that you will make mistakes.

Sander k

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You don't think that a website in poor English has unique content and there for will come higher in Google? Its a discussion I now participate on on an other forum.


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some people doing copy from other website then spin entire content to get unique content, that way they have poor english.

but in this thread i am not asking about unique content or get higher in google.
if you see my html source code of tos & privacy you will see i put there meta noindex.

i need suggestion about content of my tos and privacy policy as rules of my site


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@ogah. I don't think you're asking the right people to check it. I'm sure if you Googled you'd find a forum where you could ask for advice. How about They may point you in the right direction. They have a Forum where you could post this as well.