Need your feedbaks...


hello everyone,

i did my first site almost done, i need your postif & negatif feedbacks for the future, to learn & etc... Please be honest.
( MySite )

Thank you,


Hi Daya,

My feedback is:

Interesting design with no clutter
Colour looks good

Areas that may need further consideration:

The home page does not give instant recognition as to what this business or service is about i.e. is it for profit or someone just trying to be helpful to newbies? Perhaps a simple statement such as 'Website design services' or 'we help you build your website'

No sign of any SEO optimization therefore this site will be invisible - need to add a concise phrase(s) as to what the site is about - if on wordpress add SEO optimization plugin (there are a few for free).

Not sure whether offering services for free sends right message? Perhaps provide first hour free for donation to get the business?

"Welcome everyone" may not be most effective sale pitch ... maybe something to encapsulate the service like "the best solution for your website needs" ?

"Charles, am a newbie on web design, install a site or forum with WordPress and SMF for you, for free." does not make sense really - why not put "experienced in a all aspects of web design"? or BA in Computer Studies + 5 years commercial experience ?

"I make your website secure enough to be free from hackers, because nowadays is very important." may be better saying "Help on securing your website from hackers, SQL Injection etc"

Hope this is helpful - good luck!