[NEW] Fly Prank on your desktop


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want to prank someone on your desktop?
use FlyOnDesktop


simply run FlyOnDesktop.exe to spawn fly on your desktop
more run of FlyOnDesktop.exe more fly spawn


how to remove fly? simply double click the fly

enjoy and happy pranking :)


Ah this reminds me of a classic program called ESheep. It was a sheep that ran around the screen, feel down from windows, made noise, etc. I wonder if it still works in recent versions of Windows. When I was in third grade an older kid made it autostart so a whole bunch of sheeps ran around the School's computer. The teachers wasn't too pleased. :heartylaugh:


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QQxBicBoi said:
Looks cool! :D
This is not good enough for a quality post credit. In order to get a quality post credit the post needs to tell us why it is cool, or if you can't make a meaningful contribution to this thread, rather post in another thread where you can make a quality post to the discussion.