New Free Sub-Domain - Gigapages


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We are pleased to announce that Gigarank have improved our Free hosting service by offering an additional choice of free sub-domain usage.

We have now also added to the free sub-domain roster. Upon application of our free cpanel hosting service you can now choose from: (short and sweet)

or (easy to remember)

Please note* yoursite would be replaced with your chosen free sub-domain.


Our Free cPanel Web Hosting Package!
1gb Web Space
25gb Bandwidth
cPanel Control Panel
Softaculous Script Installer
10 Mysql Databases
10 FTP Accounts
10 Addon/Parked Domains
Attracta SEO Tools
Free Support
25 POP3 Email Accounts
Free sub-domain or (new) or use your existing domain.

Thank you for reading, The Gigarank Team :drinks:
Is it possible to change from to And, if so, how would we go about doing it?

I'm not sure if I want to do this but I'm curious.


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There should be a demo option to check if it is really worth going a head with a particular hosting service.

I mean most of the people would like to see how it works before purchasing it. and I am really looking at gigarank cost it's pricing is too good unlike services like Hostgator etc.

But I feel you people should still have a demo service available.


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Your best demo at Gigarank is a live one by taking free hosting account after you have made 10 non-spam posts. That way you would get a very good live demonstration of our hosting service. We are not in the same category as Hostgator. We are a community based post for host Website and our TOS is very clear about the post to host requirement. It works for us. If this is not what you like it is probably better then to go with a host like Hostgator that is more automated.