New Member of Staff!


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It is with great pleasure that Gigarank announces the appointment of a new member of staff. Yozora joined us as Forum Moderator today! She will assist in the general running of the community areas and help our members with technical support.

Yozora comes with a wealth of specialist knowledge in Website development and design and is also a graphics and intermedia specialist. She received her training and experience in the United States and is based in the North East of the United States in the State of Massachusetts. She loves music and is a keen student of the Japanese language.

Our other members of staff are:

Chris (DJB) - the Owner, Founder and Lead Developer of Gigarank
Chris has been providing free hosting to Website enthusiasts since 2005. He comes with a wealth of experience in building Websites and Website communities. His specialist area is SEO and designing Websites.

un4saken - Head Technical Administrator
Un4 is a technical genius with Linux servers and comes with years of experience in forum management and hosting of Websites side by side with DJB. Together they are a formidable leadership team. Un4 is a genius in security systems. Never fear when un4saken is near.

Genesis and Hazem - Administrators
Genesis is Head Account Manager and Hazem Support Liaison Manager of Gigarank. They joined Chris and un4saken's staff team a number of years ago at a previous hosting forum. Hazem is a successful Website Administrator and has a wealth of knowledge about SEO, social media and database management.

iGdesigner - Moderator
iG is a budding Webmaster and graphics design enthusiast. He is currently studying Web design and development and joined Gigarank staff in May 2014.


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That's awesome! She's been part of the forums for such short time and already got a position on the team. Impressive, congrats! :good:


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I'm glad I found this forum, as everyone here seems very grown-up and respectful to one and other. It must be even better to work under such a roof! Thanks for what all of y'all do, and for letting me access this neat and helpful place.
Good to see a new staff member here, hope you enjoy your position as Moderator here, good luck Yazora, I'm sure you'll get along just fine, congratulations. :drinks:


Thanks for the welcomes, @"T.Kawabata" & @"Briar Spirit" !

@"T.Kawabata" It sounds like "night sky" in Japanese because it is.^-^ I love studying the Japanese language, so it kind of shows in other areas of my life as well. XD