New site

Sander k

New member
Hello guys,

Here is my new website, it still lacks a bit of content.
But what do you think of the design?

I am going to release that theme later on as it is costum build.

Feel free to make a comment on my blog :D


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I like the design. Simple n responsive. PR1 is really well. But I dont see any alexa rank also lack of images to describe for every post. Maybe you can add the screenshoot of webpage which is to describe them. Gud luck.


Staff member
Well done Sander. I like it because it is neat and clean. Easy to see what is in it in one glance.
Nice, very clean and organized. I like the boxes containing the "Leave a comment link" and the way they form a separator between the posts. Otherwise I don't think the individual posts would be as well defined. I've added your site to to my "following" on Twitter. Also, really like the logo!