Nintendo Wii U is a flop


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I`ve read on various tech and gaming websites that the new games console from Nintendo is a flop. It`s had very poor sales since it`s release last year. I only know one person who`s purchased a Wii U.

Why do you think it`s a flop? do you think it`s because people are waiting for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox one?


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Because it was basically good for one thing - continuing gaming while you're on the toilet. There was little value and the games available didn't provide enough value to get gamers to buy it. PS Vita I think has been succesful for having a better roster of games.

Personally I think the whole smartphone and tablet market is killing mobile consoles like the vita and Wii U - people like to travel light, and they don't want to travel with a smart phone + a gaming unit. The future of mobile gaming is on the smart phone on andorid and ios, not on a seperate piece of hardware.


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PS Vita and Wii U haven`t been successful.
The reason is poor third-party game service, or a not big enough community.
Most people want hardcore games, so they flock to the Xbox and PS4.


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Nintendo Wii's innovations are being copied (copied fast by Sony and MS).
Wii U, nothing special anymore.
So it cannot make people interest in it.
Hardware spec is low.
So, who will develop game for it?
And then, chicken and egg problem...