NO such file or directory error when doing insmod in Android Kernel


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I followed the steps in the forum (<a href=";cpage=1#comment-384" rel="nofollow">;cpage=1#comment-384</a>) to get the linux kernel source and and cross compile my module. The kernel version of the google nexus one is exactly the same as in the forum. I initially tested with my test module hello-1.ko which got installed on the android device successfully. But when I am installing my module ec.ko on the android device using insmod, I get the following error.

[email protected]:~/$ adb shell<br>
$ cd sdcard/data/ec<br>
$ ls<br>
$ su<br>
# insmod ec.ko<br>
insmod: init_module 'ec.ko' failed (No such file or directory)<br>

It is clear that the file ec.ko is present. But I am not sure why it is not picking the file. I did the same thing for hello-1.ko and it gets insmod pretty fine. There is no permission issue, and ec.ko gets the same permission as was obtained by hello-1.ko.

Now this bring me to the question, Are there certain limitations of a kernel module in an android device because this module gets insmod in Ubuntu. Next action for me is to go for a hit and trial method and check what lines in ec.c is causing the problem. Meanwhile if you some suggestion, please let me know.