Nostalgic Games


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I'm opening this thread for everyone to post nostalgic games that they played as a child :dirol:

First, I had a SNES (may it rest in peace) and I only remember playing a lot of Super Mario World (I was really just a kid with 4 - 7 years old).

After that I got my PS1 I met my favorite game as a child: Vandal Hearts. I completed it like three times and it made me fall in love with RPGs.
I also played Final Fantasy VII a lot (made to the last disk of four and never completed it), Legend of Legaia, Diablo (I loved playing diablo with my friends!) and other non-RPGs like Road Rash 3D and Need for Speed High Stakes.

I only regret never having played any of the Legend of Zelda franchise (as I said, I love RPGs).

Now it's your turn, take a beer and talk about the games you remember. :morebeer2:


I was only just alive to experience the Nintendo 64 but I mainly played on the Gamecube as a child. Metroid Prime, F-zero, Pikmin and the Need for Speed games were a lot of fun. I still play these games over and over again. Especially the Need for Speed games since I have bought them for the PC which means I have 2 copies of those games. I also did a 100% completion with Metroid Prime.

I have played quite a bit on the Nintendo 64 which I still have. We have Goldeneye, banjo kazooie, Legend of zelda Ocarina of time and Majoras mask, Rayman 2 and Starfox 64. These were some of that I have played before we got a Gamecube .

I have also emulated some of the older games on the SNES since my parents did not have one of those consoles.


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The first console I got was a PS1, and the second -- and last so far -- is a PS2. Both are working so far, specially the PS1, after 18 years! The PS2 is not going too well, though. So I mostly play on my spare PS2 slim, that is more recent.

There are quite a few nostalgic games for me: Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team racing -- I used to play with my family. Always won, hah. --, Tomb Raider, Spyro, Soul Reaver, Final Fantasy 7, Street Fighter EX ... And, on the PS2, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, NFS Underground (still one of the best NFS even today), God of War, Final Fantasy X ...

I also remember how fun it was when I first got the Gameshark CD for PS2.


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Who can forget the good old games. Prince of Persia, Prehistorik, Lemmings...
Endless hours spent in front of the PC. Lots of fun (and frustrations :lol:).
The games back then did not have the graphics of today's games, but they had gameplay, playability.
They can keep you stuck to the pc screen for hours, these new games bore you pretty soon.


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I played a lot Yoshi Island II on Snes and then on PS1 I think I played mostly Tekken 2 and 3, Bloody Roar. On the Playstation 2 I played tons of Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, Phantom Brave, Rogue Galaxy, Tekken series.


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i can't stress enough PERSONA 3 FES nothing more vital to who i'am than persona 3 fes i played that until my inwards turn into outwards i loved the story in day and the JRPG at night so much that i remember and so much i love i personally can't wait to find a phone to use a audiotechina phone just like his i love music and i used that phone long ago and I WANT IT SO MUCH ;-;


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I already remember "The Italian Job", "Mafia", "Warcraft" oh this was a very cool time, "Quake". This first what come to my mind.


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I remember a bit of nostalgic game what i play in snes
Super Mario Word
The Legend Of Zelda
Super Mario All Star( Obs i dont play that in snes console i play in snes emulator in ps2 console)


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my fondest 2 games from memory are splatterhouse & altered beast! (vid links)
When I was 15 I had the streetfighter 2 arcade machine in my bedroom the 2 player version, from an old fairground i ended up swapping it for a 50cc honda & an air rifle lol


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Iron Man was the first game I played on the PS2. The PS2 was the first console I owned, other then using a public computer.