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I know of a lot of great plugins for Notepad ++


FTP Client within Notepad++


AutoSave allows to automatically save the currently open files based on a schedule you choose.

JSON Viewer

view JSON string in a dockable treeview control.


run JSLint (The Javascript Code Quality Tool) against their open Javascript files.


reate custom quicktext tags and easily replace them with the corresponding code snippets.

Light Explorer

brings up a simple file-manager to the side of the Notepad++ window when pressing Alt+A.

Hex Editor

Turns Notepad++ into an excellent Hex Editor.
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just using the autosave feature too.

helps a lot when trying to open lots of programs and suddenly your pc ca't work anymore,, autosave really saves the day ahaha


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I like Notepad++, particularly when I'm tweaking a Website or working with an existing template. But for creating something from scratch Dreamweaver does the trick for me.


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Notepad ++ is the best, the list is very useful!! Thanks

I use the Quick Text plugin, and is amazing how may time you save with the plugin, specially in html


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I am also using notepad++. And I'm also love it, but when I try to open html or php files in bulk then It's get hang for some time which I don't like.:undecided:
Otherwise all the features in notepad ++ are too good.:smile:

And the one more thing is that It's autosave plugin is also a good thing. Because when you're working on lots of file or any one file and make changes on those files and suddenly system got shut down then all the changes made by us will be lost. But with autosave feature It will not be frustrating...:smile:


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Wonderful, I was using standard features, but these will certainly add value to this amazing program.

Thank you for sharing.


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dhunt16 said:
Is there any place to get Notepad++ without having to use one of the !@#$ download sites?

I use for just about everything questionable. It is run by CNET, and has a pretty good reputation. One thing though, sometimes the will try and slide the "ASK Toolbar" in. Just make sure you are reading your check box options on install...


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I would also like to suggest ImgTag, Quick Color Picker+, and Explorer. These are some really good plugins that make the coding experience a lot more convenient.


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For quick markup editing and CSS changes, nothing beats Notepad++. The QuickText plugin is great. If you haven't checked it out yet, give it a try. It will save you lots of time. Also, for Mac users, Brackets is a similar program that has great features as well.


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in my opinion when it comes to web development and specially the frontend Notepad++ is a good option. It's fast and doesn't consume to much resources.