NVidia or AMD?


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Which gpu do you prefer?

I've always used Nvidia but because of the hackintosh I'm using AMD (RX570).
From my experiences I prefer Nvidia, I have the impression that the games run better, but as I don't have an nvidia gpu similar to AMD's RX570 I can't say exactly which is better.


Generally nvidea, particularly EVGA cards, but I'm not a loyalist to EVGA, they just so happen to have the best value for their buck whenever I buy a pc, and they always have served me well. I kinda like the less frills design they have too.

At this particular moment though EVGA isn't looking too hot, their are significantly more expensive with little justification from what I can tell. doh.


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Although AMD has made good progress with processors I will still go with NVidia. Never the less, AMD is working very hard in this sector too so we can see some more competitive graphic cards by AMD. I have hosted Virtual Desktop with NVidia vGPU for the purpose of designing software and that gives me the experience of more than the local system. I would also try AMD in the very near future.


AMD uses open standards such as OpenCL 2 rather than proprietary software and so offers much better cross-platform support. NVIDIA on the other hand like to use proprietary and dominate the market in certain areas like machine learning because of CUDA, Tensor Cores and now partially the Ray Tracing market with RT core.

I recently acquired a Titan RTX as they give out discounts to students, institutes, researchers if you provide a valid reason to why you want the card. It's a very good card for machine learning and rendering because of it's 24gb VRAM. But I no longer have OpenCL 2 support NVIDIA still only support 1.2 as they want people to use CUDA instead. It's quite annoying because I like Turing architecture but I dislike the closed nature of NVIDIA and their cards because I like making cross-platform applications.

For games, it's less important but because of the high market share NVIDIA has reliable performance but I did enjoy AMDs Vega 64 and the new Rx 5700 looks great for price to performance. AMD are getting closer to competing with NVIDIA they just tend to struggle on the high-end specs.


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I had GTX 1060 a year back but changed to AMD vega 64 because of hackintosh + Windows dual boot. I would say for gaming Nvidia is best as they have better drivers. When i was using 1060, I didn't had any issues with gaming, it newer crashed. But with vega in windows it crashes few times during Gaming. But getting drivers updates with fixes, drivers for AMD is getting better but it is not as perfect as Nvidia drivers, not perfect as of now.

So if gaming is primary, i would stick with Nvidia.


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NVIDIA is the best option, but it is expensive, it all depends on the budget, however the AMD brand is good, and its cost is according to its final quality. I use amd and have never had any problems before or today. : D


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I think that both are great, but Nvidia is more expensive since it requires dedicated hardware inside of the monitor to function. However FreeSync only needs an up to date display port and supported AMD GPU to function properly