open source gaming; the ultimate in free games


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everyone loves free games [well gamers that is].:p

although it might look like am being a bit lazy by giving a link to wikipedia,there is an incredible treasure chest of first person shooter games available for free ,most of them multi format to.

there is actualy a list of all open source games,but am biased towards the FPS type,heres the other list;

absolute must have favourites of mine that am always preaching to everyone are- assault cube,saurbraeten,open arena, red eclipse, xenotic, the 'savage' series [eg, savage II;a tortured soul,it looks and plays amazing],and smokin guns.
am not into public humiliation so dont play online [but if was any good at games woud also be recommending tremulous, urban terror and return to castle wolfenstein-all of these dont have bots unfortunately,but they look and play amazing].

does anyone have any to recommend,any views on these free games?

am often arguing with the brother in law about open source/free FPSs,his answer to everything is 'theyre not as good as COD'....he needs a good smack around the chops.


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I never knew that Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was a free game I believe that I have paid for it once maybe I am wrong here dont know :confused:


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One of the greatest games free games I've tried so far and still have installed is 0 A.D.. 0 A.D. is a crossover between Age of Empires and Empire Earth and still in active development. Of course, it needs a lot polishing but I didn't expect such quality comparable to some AAA title studios. Just impressive...