Ordering xamarin forms observable collection


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In xamarin forms do I have a Oberservable collection of wordpress posts.

I want to sort this collection by a specific value within this collection?

How am I able to do so in Xamarin forms / c# ?

I can see somewhere are people using:

list.OrderByDescending(x => DateTime.Parse(x)).ToList();

But this does not use a Observable collection or a specific value from this collection to sort.

The fill of my object is this:

FlowObservableCollection<RootObject2> result = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<FlowObservableCollection<RootObject2>>(await posts.Content.ReadAsStringAsync());

Does anyone have a solution for sorting my array?

My value I wanna sort by is a sub value like: mycollection.group.Myvalue

Thanks in advance!