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Okay, so most folk already know about this package but for those who do not, this is an absolutely amazing graphics package which is not only pretty impressive in its functionality but is also absolutely FREE, and I mean legally free.

This package I have used off and on for many years, it has a pretty good interface and is surprisingly easy to learn, it has an excellent support forum where many many wonderful people freely share quite stunning free addons to grant the software extra awesomeness, this one is well worth looking into if you cannot afford software such as Photoshop:

Sorry I cannot post a proper link in posts just yet, just copy and past that into google search and the site will come right up for you.
Awesome genesis, thanks for doing that for me, gets frustrating having the limitations imposed on one when one is a newbie, I understand why those limitations are there, they're just a bit frustrating when you have no intentions of being malicious or naughty, but I get it. :)


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I love this software very much. I use photoshop as well, but something is much more faster and easy to do with PAINT.NET


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When doing little changes on a picture im using but in general revisions and graphics designing im on Photoshop but for those who like to upload and do some little crazy add ons on their pic i recommend using


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GIMP is very powerful, and the features they have rival Photoshop`s.
It amazes me how it is free.
It is very powerful and professional.
I had cause to use for the first time in a while and the newer V4 is out now, just thought folk might be interested, doesn't seem any different to me but then I tend to prefer Photoshop for the bulk of graphic work I do.


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Agreed is great, particularly for starting graphics from scratch. I rarely use it however as I use Gimp mostly for editing artwork. I rarely do original art.