Password Reset Request


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For some reson I don't see correct letters.

Here is my reqest:

Could you please reset password for cPanel for user tobymaro.

Thank You.


Staff member
Hi Tobymaro. You must have missed this as this is where it was reported.

Gigarank had a major data loss at end of December 2015 when we had a double cpanel disk failure. All data of our Websites between May 2015 up to December had been lost, so this means your Website as it was at end of December is gone. We sincerely hope you have backup for your Website.

I've recreated the hosting account for you with the details that you provided during your original hosting request in August 2015 together with the updated domain that you asked at end of August.

By way of compensation Gigarank has tripled all hosting space and bandwidth for those who had been affected by the data loss.

Please check PM for hosting details.