PHP Headers Question


New member
Lately, I have been quite depressed knowing that almost no free web host allows sending php headers in the script. This has been a major issue for me because I have been trying to implement a method for global AJAX support through my website.

As most AJAX devs would know, you cannot access another site's material through an outside script in the normal fashion. However, there are legal ways of doing this and the best option is CORS. However for CORS to work, you need to send php headers with your response data. There was only one free web host that I know of, which allowed custom values for PHP headers. But that web host is doing these days.

I was wondering if gigarank allows this option to members or are headers hard and fast fixed by the servers?


Staff member
Why wouldn't this be allowed? If security issues, then maybe yes, however the web server should be fully functional, but the best person to answer your question is our tech Admin @Un4saken

Personally I don't think that such thing should be blocked because if you want to make fully functional website, your resources shouldnt be taken away from you.