PHP wordpress cookie redirect


Staff member
Got a problem that I'm having a hard time getting started on. Not a big PHP guy so not sure where to start really.

What I have is this. I have a web application running on this. This is our private application that all our customers use.

We are putting together a knowledge base in wordpress of how our software works, help files, etc... this is private information. For business reasons this wordpress runs on and must be there.

What I am doing currently is when a user authenticates at I am setting a domain level cookie with some authentication information. This works great.

What I need to have happen is on the wordpress side of things if a user browses to and does NOT have our parent domain cookie, they are sent to a security error url somewhere. This has to happen server side, can't do this in JS because its not secure enough.

What files would I edit in the wordpress install to do this kind of check for every request? Also how do I check for a parent level cookie in PHP.

Thanks in advance!