phpmyadmin logout button?


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I'm sure people may think I'm crazy. I've never been worried about logging out of phpmyadmin before, as when one is in cpanel, one can access it without logging in. So one usually thinks it is not needed to log out.

Anyway, earlier today I've been using a control panel that wants one to log in, and then obviously (this is what I think anyway) one should log out as well.

So just for the heck of it, where is the logout button?

I know now and will be hiding it below - but do you know where it is?

It is the little icon to the right of the "home" icon


You know, I can't believe I never looked for this before! Is there anything extra that clicking the door icon does, which closing the tab doesn't do? I figure the login session would end eventually sometime after I closed the tab, and since I don't login to it on shared computers, I doesn't really matter much to me. I always just closed the tab, but if clicking the door icon is better, maybe I should start doing that instead.


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I don't think it's a problem in cPanel Yozora. Just maybe in WEBUZO. Don't know why but most of the tools like File Manager in WEBUZO have logins. I'm happy with that. Was only when I had to log into phpmyadmin for the first time however that I became aware of logging out. When I couldn't see the log-in button immediately I started to puzzle where it was.


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Me either I never paid attention or even used the logout button! But I have known this for quite a bit of time! :p Nice work Genesis for posting this out!