Pico - blazing fast CMS


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Pico CMS is for those who want a small site with some of the fastest loading you will ever see. It was created by Gilbert Pellegrom.

My view is that this can be used for your site or a customer site which only you are the sole admin or user. It supports Markdown Formatting of which I am not a huge fan but there are people who use it and love it..

It doesn't need a database.Its a flat file CMS.

Its open source and is hosted at GitHib.
It is slowly gathering support and there are plugins and themes avaiable.

This is no regular CMS - wordpress users will definitely hate this for the learning curve.

I don't think that its meant to be used as a blog (it can be used as a blog) but I had found that having large number of blog entries may not be suitable.

But as a CMS, - say for a site having 5 to 10 pages - I don't think that it will matter - it has a very low footprint. and your site users should be amazed by its speed...


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I think that it is very nice for like business websites, personal portfolios etc :)

It took me ages to figure out what to do, because documentations are crap.


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Yeah.. Guys - its just like I said - most wordpress users will hate it..

Its far from anywhere near perfection..

But why use a bulky wordpress for a website just for a few web pages when you could do the same with far less resources.