Plants vs. Zombies


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I play on my iphone "Plants vs. Zombies".
I finished the 1st without pay any money and now I'm playing the 2.

Someone else play this game?



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Yeah, I've played both....

Big fan of the first, burned out a little on the second (though got most of the way through before taking a hiatus)...

...but the first is near-perfect!



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I thought this game look too simple and repetitious for my tastes....and then I tried it. I got addicted fast. I have only played the original PC version of the game and the version. Crazy addictive and crazy fun :)


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Ok, could someone explain to me the big draw to this game? I've seen a friend playing it, and frankly it looked kinda silly (no offense of course). Maybe it's just one of those games you have to play to enjoy, but I just didn't get what the hook was.


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^It really kinda is. When I saw my brother playing it I really didn't understand the appeal until he made me play it. XD I guess it's like flappy birds in that respect.


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I think the old PvZ's are great 1 on PC and the 2 on phone. But this new, Garden Warfare is a good game too, i like the new engine, and the re-designed gameplay, but i think this game is need an offline single-player mode, like the previous versions.


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Our house loves that game, we even have PVZ 2 for android and ios. Don't tell my kids, but Garden Warefare is on it's way this Christmas. We bought them an Xbox 360 on layaway from Kmart back in September :clapping:


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Genesis said:
SwitChBlaDe343 said:
Damn straight, it's awesome! I really like Plants vs. Zombies Heroes
Why do you like it?

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Uhmm ok

I like it because it is very much like Clash Royale, but still different in many aspects of the game.

There are so many cards to collect and heroes to play with, each with their very own abilities and effects.

Also PvZ Heroes has an offline mode with a very extensive campaign, something Clash Royale does not. I don't always have internet access so I really appreciate it.


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I played this game before the GoTY version released. I even have played versions that lacked features that are currently available, like the Tree of Wisdom.


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in the older times once more it was nice even genius it was new and bright and the idea super fun but as time passed by and the more i played i got bored of it its pretty repetitive and with the newer ones coming and everything the same it just upsets me (ps garden warfare is kinda new but it doesn't bring the "new" idea as the firs PVZ brought i mean everyone played a 3rd person shooter or at least heard of it but when PvZ released not everyone new about that tile defender should i say?)


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If there is anybody who hasn't played the game then they're missing out. It's like a right of passage for gamers who aren't able to play games on their pc or console.


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I really do enjoy plants vs zombies. I played garden warfare and loved it and I love all the versions they keep coming out with. Very good game in my opinion


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I think I've played only the first one. I did like it but mainly played to kill time or when I was bored. Don't think it's the best game but sure is a good game to kill time.