Playstation 4 Vs Xbox 1


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Xbox is better. Just saying. Ik money is a factor, but good money for good work. I love both, but Xbox is just such a nicer feeling when you play.


Xbox is better because it has a better online system and gaming community. However Play station hardware is better because it has a larger hard drive and Blu-Ray.


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I also prefer Xbox. Can't give you any specific reasons. Except I like it more. I tried my uncle's Play Station, and it just doesn't have the same feel.


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Xbox is bettar than than Play Station... It has many reasons.... like they have online community...


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what? playstation 4 is aloot better , not only it have better spec.. but also it is restricted like the xbox1
even after the xbox1 removed all the drms .. ps4 is still way better and even cheaper ...


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i am leaning towards xbox 1... i had ps3 and when i switched to xbox 360 i saw a much better game play on fifa 13. so for that reason, i cannot go back. and yeah xbox seems to have a better online community.


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I prefer Xbox, but I wish that they would get rid of xbox gold and just make it free to play with lots of ads so they can make money back to keep the servers running.


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I'm spending my hard earned money on the new Xbox. Not a fan of the PS3 or 4.. I also don't like gaming on the PC.


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ive always been an xbox fan. the ps4 is just as amazing as the xbox one, but im still going for the xbox


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See i was thinking that too but now the Xbox One has Blueray.. I know the PS3 already had it but the Graphics on the One are suppost to be amazing so i think id still stick with the Xbox One.. going to wait till January/Febuary to see if there are any common faults when just released so that im not buying a console that isnt going to work or fail lol.


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Ps4 4k resolution, u pay for online once and everone can access it, better hardware graphic and ram. Xbox only have 720p.


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I have an Xbox One and love it. Just wish they would hurry up and release a lot more new games. I'm very selective on the types of games I play and there aren't but a few out for the One yet. Forza 5 is awesome...enough said. Currently playing Titan Fall. Great game, just wish they had a story mode instead of constant online maps. Rise was really cool but once I beat the story mode I became bored with it. All of the new features of the Xbox One are a real improvement over the 360, even down to how the controller feels more comfortable in your hands during long playing sessions. I have never been a fan of the Playstation and doubt I ever will be. Yes, being able to play online for free with a Playstation is cool, but I'd rather pay the $50 a year and have a better experience.


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My friends and I had SO many problems with the PS3 that we are all dumping Playstation in favor of XBOX. My brother even set up a repair station in my father's garage to fix the terrible video problems on the PS3, you know, the ones that happened because the heat sink/fan combo was inadequate.


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If I had the money I would get both of theme. But if I could only get one I would probably get the playstation 4 because I've had better luck with playstation (1, 2 ,3) than my xbox 360. My 360 is almost dead while my ps3 is still alive and kicking.


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The best console in the world is the ps4
there are no better consoles.
i have a old ps3 and gta v.
its the best game ever played in my life!