Polling oracle records from biztalk based using parameters


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I have a need to create a BizTalk 2010 application to poll information and I have found this useful blog <a href="http://pellitterisbiztalkblog.wordp...nctions-or-packaged-procedures-and-functions/" rel="nofollow">Polling Oracle Database Using Stored Procedures, Functions, or Packaged Procedures and Functions</a>.

My questions are 2 folds:

<li>The blog hard coded the parameter for the procedure in the package in the polledDataAvailable and the PolledStatement. How do I pass the actual parameters that is going to change? For example, I want to have the ability poll all orders from a customer, and not just the customer hard-coded 'ABC'. The ID of the customer will be defined at real time.</li>
<li>Without using extra receive ports but just based BizTalk monitor (referring back to the blog), how do I examine the results (i.e. viewing the records being polled) on BizTalk monitor?</li>