Posting to a Facebook (fan) page wall


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I have a blog (wordpress) and a facebook fan-page for my blog (with more than 1 fan!). I would like to post a message to my FB wall, every time I post something on my blog. Preferrably PHP.

The same question is already asked <a href="">here</a>, but this question isn’t going anywhere. The question dates from march, but Facebook has updated their API since. The FB documentation gives three different methods for posting to the wall, but I cannot figure out which is the easiest/best one to use.

<strong>Does anyone have a link to a full tutorial or a short walktrough how to get this done?</strong>

(Currently, I’ve got the app setup, who gets its data from twitterfeed. The drawback is that the links get shortened, and Facebook cannot get the first picture and full title.)