PR1 domain for sale

Sander k

New member
Hello guys!

Because I don't have enought time to keep up my website, I decided to let this one go.
I am only selling the domain, not its content. You are allowed to copy/paste it tho.
You can have the costum build WordPress template too, its responsive and works on all devices.
You can even sell the theme if you like, I don't care.
I am going back into the web proxies.

The domain is registered with and I have renewed the domain today, so it is one year old and will expire next year. Its a Google PageRank 1 domain as I said in the title.
It doesn't have much traffic tho, about 300 a month. Most from western Europe.

Please make your offer!
I only accept Paypal offers, please remind that I just spent $10.99 to renew this domain, so don't come with bullshit offers below that.