Premium Account: Request to "wipe" domain


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This request has been moved from the WordPress Forum.

Mowattc is a Premium Member and wants his domain to be "wiped" - recreated from scratch.

Username: sutherla

Genesis said:
mowattc said:
Hi there, I am looking to move two different websites-- both at the same host, and both use the wordpress plugin on the host's site (similar to gigarank's cpanel apps). I'd like to move them over to the gigarank hosting instead (paid hosting), however i don't (see CAN NOT lol) lose any data.

Can anyone tell me how to download everything from one site, and then upload it to my new hosting account here?

Did you make a support ticket with your paid hosting account? Un4saken could have helped you with this. Not immediately as he is busy at times, but if you are worried about integrity of data, it would have been worth the wait.

Your second option would have been the Hosting Support Forum here for a gentle nudge that your support ticket has been unattended. Or you could have PM'd me.

I've done what you are doing a few times, and found this tutorial really good for showing how to move a WordPress site from one host to another. If you are concerned you've missed steps why not run through it to check the steps. If you want to fast forward to the portion about how to fix your databases up in cPanel for connecting everything up - it starts on the 8 minute mark:


I think I understand how to do it now-- however, i think everything might be a bit of a mess now. Is it possible to get my account (domain wiped fresh so i can try again whilst following the steps from the video you provided?


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I'll move this request to the Hosting Support Section. Can you also put a ticket in at the WHMCS? I've just checked and doesn't look as though there is a ticket from you, and all tickets are up to date.

I could delete your domain, but unfortunately can't wipe it as you wish it to be wiped. It doesn't work that way. Let me check it out and see whether there is something I can do, otherwise we need to wait until un4saken can help you.