prettyphoto media wordpress plugin opening the image as a url not in popup box


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I'm working in wordpress with twitter bootstrap theme.i want to use prettyphoto media wordpress plugin to show my newsletters but when i clicked on any image its opening it as a url not in popup box. i have used it before in my another wordpress sites and its working fine but not now.

Here is my code to open an image:

<a href="" rel="prettyPhoto" title="This is the description"><img src="" alt="This is the title" /></a>

When i have checked the console in mozilla its showing that $(...).prettyPhoto is not a function.

Actualy there are two scripts in my full width template which i have used for some menu content when i remove these scripts its working fine but i have to use these script so where i have to put my scripts now here are the scripts:

<script src=""></script>
  $(".sec-menu").mouseover(function(e) {
     $(".sec-menu").mouseout(function(e) {