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A suggestion:

To promote Gigarank on the Internet you insert on your hosted site, maybe at the footer, a link to Gigarank like this:
"This site is kindly hosted by Gigarank Hosting"

So everyone on your site gets the opportunity to visit Gigarank directly.

What do you think ?


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I am going to the same I think, because this is the fastest way to visit a unique free and paid hosting on the world!
One of the first things I put on the site.

No shame on you at all moontracker, whether folk have already done it or not it is still a good thing to suggest, may get some folk to do the same who haven't already 'shared the love' with Gigarank, peace and good will to you. :good:
I agree with Briar Spirit. You should be applauded for the idea in whichever order you came up with it. The cool thing you did was encourage others to do it and that was a really good idea!