Provider Site Free Domain and subdomain !!!


New member is not free domain/subdomain.
kilu is free hosting that give you free subdomain and only can hosted in


Yep. I had a few of those. They then started to limit the number of free ones we could have to two, and then towards end of last year, think it was November, went on the blink - totally disappeared. Lights out. A lot of people complained about them, but I found their Website at the time user friendly and easy to manage.

I think most of the people like me moved to .tk afterwards.


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Tk is pretty bad, maybe i just dont like those free domains? I have used them, but its better to pay for them to make 100% sure that they wont expire after the week or the domain host dont desapear after 3 days or something like that.

Sander k

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When you are a kid and don't have any money, that domains will do just fine. I am not a big fan of .tk either.


I thought doesn't exist any longer? Vanished in November of last year. I get the feeling .tk cashed in quite a bit with the vacuum that left. I have been using and in November last year when they vanished, changed them to I found quite easy to use, and haven't had complaints so far, probably because I'm using names that aren't in demand and mine are low profile personal Websites.


New member is shut down. I have used them in the past but have since went straight to .tk. I have had a lot of success with .tk and would recommend getting one to anyone needing a free domain. Only unfortunate part is the fact that they can be taken away from you and put up for sale and some hosting sites won't host them. Otherwise, they work pretty great!


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i didnt use many of them but used '' ,' , '' , little bit '' , but currently i like it looks like top level and not giving any problem to me, and yes '' seems to be gone forever , some time given me delay alot , dont no if its still working or not


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freenom is the company which owns .tk domains and they have got the .ml .cf and they have also applied to ICAN for .free