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"The Very Special Bus

There once was this man who was looking for a job. He applied for a bus driver's job at the county board of education. The head of the school board granted him an interview. During the interview the man was told there was only one bus driver job left, the one that drove the special education bus. The man said he would take the job but the school offical asked that he look at the bus first. They went outside down a row of yellow school buses and at the end was a small van with Sesame Street characters painted all over it. The man was a little reluctant at first but the offical told him all the kids would be at the bus stops and all he had to do was pick them up in the morning and take them home in the evening. The man need the job badly so he took it.

The first day on the job he comes to the bus stop and there is a little girl standing there who is very fat. She gets on the bus and the driver says, 'Hi! What's your name?' The girl replies, 'My name is Patty' and takes a seat. He comes to the next stop and there is another little girl there who is fatter than the first. She gets on the bus and the driver asks, 'What your name?'. She says 'My name is Patty' then takes a seat by the first girl.

At the next stop there is a little boy standing there. When he gets on the bus he says, 'Hi I'm Ross and I'm special.' At the next stop there is another little boy standing there and when asked his name he says, 'Hi I'm Lester Cheatum'. Lester takes the seat behind the driver, pulls off his shoes. He starts picking the loose skin on his bunyons and throwing it at the driver. This being the last stop, the driver takes the group of special kits to school.

This same scene happens every day for a week. On Friday the driver goes into the superintendent's office and say, 'I quit! I can't take it anymore!'

When asked why the driver says, 'Every day it's the same thing! Two obese Patty's, special Ross, Lester Cheatum picking bunyons on a Sesame Street bus'.

-- Thanks to John Sugg"

from the Scouting website: http://www.macscouter.com/stories/BadPuns-1.asp