Query about domain change

Hiya Folks,

could I press upon your time with a question concerning domain name changes!

I am interested in the possibility of changing my websites domain name, it would remain on the same extension it has now which is .gi9.co.

Before I went ahead with such a request could I ask how long it takes for the site to propagate on the new domain!

I'd like to move my site which is pretty much a forum with a simplistic website behind it, I'd like to be able to give the members on the forum advanced notice of the new url to be used for the forums.

So if I were to plan ahead and ask for the domain to be changed on say Monday next week, if I asked for it to be changed on Monday next week would the new domain be working on Monday or would it be more like Wednesday or Thursday?

Sorry to be hassling you with this, internet stuff is still pretty much a foreign language to me and understanding all this stuff is just a constant headache.

Many thanks for any help and advice you may be able to provide me with, peace and good will to all.


Staff member
It depends on your domain provider, it usualy takes from 24 to 48 hours, sometimes 72, or less.

And Genesis will be able to change domains for you.


Staff member
Briar. It works quickly. Particularly since it is a local domain. If it were an external domain you would have needed to change your name servers so they point to Gigarank, and that would have been equally fast. But since the domain is a local domain all you need to do is notify us, and the change will be immediate.
Genesis, that is brilliant news, thank you so very much for the help Buddy, very much appreciated, I will let members know and then put in a request for the local domain change, thank you again, very good of you.