Quo Vadis Egypt?


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I'm hoping our friend here Hazem is safe and OK right now. Just read the horrible news of Cairo having gone from really bad to worst ever. Sounds like an enormous retaliation by the brotherhood and clamp down on their protest camps by the security forces Worst ever with passing of 235 people so far.

I've got friends from Egypt here in the UAE, and one has just gone home with his family to Cairo for a very long vacation until September. Looks as though the Government has implemented a one month State of Emergency.


Wonder where all of this is going to end?

Sander k

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Personaly I don't like the Muslim Brotherhood, but they where democrating elected. Morsi should still be their president.


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Well he was "democratically" removed from his position. Because he had been acting undemocratically and despotically. And he is still acting undemocratically by trying to undermine the Government process. Not sure I agree with what the security forces had done however.


Morsi was democratically elected and then we found him an idiot
1-assign all jobs to his Muslim brotherhood members
2-sent electricity and fuel to Gaza while we the Egyptian suffer electric failures and increase of fuel price
3-decided to let terrorists out of jail to support his regime
4-supported and defended Hamas to fire rockets from Sinai at Israel and refuse to order Egy Army to catch them
5-accepted Qatar to takeover suez canal
6-offered support to AlJihad members to be governors and be in parliament
7-refused to listen to other political parties opinions while he was asking them in front of the world to join him to build new Egypt
8-refused to testify in court that accused him and others for escaping from jail

by the way we the Egyptian people support government and pray to get rid of all terrorists in Egypt asap
and if you ask about terrorists that were killed check out the videos on youtube about those who tortured and killed during the 45 days brotherhood spent at Rabaa

Brotherhood announced that their were millions at Rabaa - Which is smaller than a soccer stadium ! by the way - and nobody asked them how they manage to feed these millions for more than a month and why they had guns ,bombs ,grenade ,....
No one in the world asked brotherhood why they burn 39 churches
6 hours ago they killed "Mena Raafa t" a taxi driver because he is christian , in Alexandria my city
One of my friends was about to be killed today by terrorists brotherhood for smiling !! yep he smiled when one of the brotherhood was trying to convince him that more than 10000 of them was burned alive in Rabaa

thank God our government invited press and human rights organizations to watch and record everything





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@Hazem. Looks then as though everything is working out well. It was good that you elected Morsi, as that helped to smoke out all of the bad stuff. So you could nail them afterwards.

I like your positive upbeat take on the situation. Gives me lots of hope for Egypt as well! :good:


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I was also shocked to hear about the deaths. But nice to hear directly from someone from Egypt and they are positive that this had been necessary. Here's to wishing everything of the best for Egypt! And the end of violence.


@Hazem: Did you vote for Morsi at first or not?


but I knew a lot about brotherhood before Jan. 25 revolution and I've had some connections and info about them since High school ,
Egyptians did not care about politics so much , they only look after their families and try to find a way to get some extra money by working night jobs and/or travel to other countries ,
Mubarak was the prez of Egypt for 30 yrs so no changes for long time , most people were born , went to schools and married while Mubarak was the prez ....
Police was keeping terrorists under observation and controlled them 99.9% , after revolution they showed to people that they are the guards of Islam and had a project to make Egypt one of the top countries blah blah blah ....

Morsi was elected by 5 millions at first time , while Shafiq came second ... one of Mubarak assistants , both were the finals and people decided to elect Morsi to avoid Shafiq and the return of the old regime ....
Guess what Morsi got 51% of the votes only after all , and with doubts in vote count

Now terrorists is killing Egyptians in the streets , set fire in government buildings , burn mosques , and ask USA to save them !!