Ratings Rich text Snippets - Tutorial


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Ever seen the search listings in Google that has rating stars underneath them?

Gigalicous has them!


Here`s how to add them to your webpages!

It`s simple, very simple!

Add this code to the page you would like them to appear on.

         <!-- rts -->

  <div id="RichSnippets">
            <span itemscope="" itemtype="http://schema.org/product">
                <span itemprop="name">Gigalicous</span>
            <span itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope="" itemtype="http://schema.org/aggregaterating">
               are rated <span itemprop="ratingValue">4.5</span> / 5 based on <span itemprop="reviewCount">5</span> <a href="testimonials.php">reviews</a>.

<!-- rts -->

Edit as required to match your rating, I would suggest you point them to a reviews page or a testimonials page to add authenticity. Edit the div tag as required to match your website layout. I would suggest adding them somewhere non intrusive, footer for example.


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Nice tip but most clients are afraid something they can't control. (The rating from users).
I will be add it in our company page!!!



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A question on this - why would anyone want to ever show 1 star? I mean if you think about it, that would be offputting to visitors - if I see a 1 star rating underneath a site, I'm hesitant to visit that site since it looks soo poorly rated.


I must say I rarely look at stars. I usually visit Websites on a mission and with an objective. Reviews I don't mind looking at, but stars I rarely notice. If I would notice a one star, I'd just think not many people have visited that Website yet. It could be a hidden gem, or not.


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Especially if it's not relevant to your search. For example if I'm looking up lyrics to a song, the rating isn't really going to influence my decision to click on that site. Same with looking up information on health - if I were to search up "Cancer symptoms" - a site that shows up 5 stars is going to be confusing - are they rating cancer as 5 stars?


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It happened to ebay - in the early days of adwords they bought searches for everything so it would be:

Find keyword on Ebay

People doing searches for slavery would get "Find slavery on Ebay" or in one funny picture "Buy Black People on Ebay" - it went viral, and of course ebay removed those ads immediately.


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i use vote based rating stars
and i use random votes number
$reting = rand(100, 500); 
echo "<div itemscope='' itemtype='http://data-vocabulary.org/Review-aggregate'>
<span itemprop='rating' itemscope='' itemtype='http://data-vocabulary.org/Rating'>
<meta itemprop='average' content='5' />
<meta itemprop='votes' content='".$reting."' />


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oh, this is a good tip , nice i was looking for this since a year thanks man. it's very helpfull to make a defference from other concurents.