Real-Time Strategy Games


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Have you guys played any good real-time strategy games ? These are my favorite type of games. I have played so many strategy games specially city building games. I think age of empire was my first strategy game and after that played soo many of those,

  • Age Of Empires
  • Total War
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Star Wars Rebellion
  • Civilization
  • Age of Mythologies
  • Star Craft
  • Empire Earth
  • Smugglers V
  • Pharaoh with Cleopatra
  • Zeus, master of Olympus
  • Ancient Rome
  • Caesar 3
  • SIM 3000

These are what I can think of. But there are many more.


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Age of Empires, Age of Mythologies are my favourite.

I have also played in the Star Craft 1 and 2.


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Both Age of Empires and Mythologies are great games. But my favorite game is this old game called Star Wars Rebellion. I think it's released around 1996 but it's probably light years ahead of the time. It's a highly complex game with so many things like spies, saboteurs, long-range reconnaissance teams, assassination and abduction teams etc. There are famous star wars characters which you need to search, location and then use for various missions. You can make all kinds of ships from Death stars to small fighter ships.

I used to play this game for days in holidays. It took me a whole month to finished the game by capturing all planets and also Vadar and Emperor. It's not easy since the game has no help or a guide.

Sadly you can't run it in Windows 7. :confused:


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company of heroes is my favorite!
I've also enjoyed command & conquer generals & zero hour, but I'm not keen on the new Generals 2
I prefer realistic war RTS to alien RTS like halo wars


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Same as @"aya" , I only playing COH from 2006. This is the best RTS game I've been seen for now.


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StarCraft is probably good choice. The sequel, of course. I have played WarCraft 3 as well, but since they are both made by Blizzard, the experience is pretty similar.

About the Company of Heroes - I have once played an online, free version, you may try searching for Company of Heroes Online.


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I love Real-Time strategy games :D I played them all day when I was young, my favorite ones are the Settlers and Empire Earth II and I also tried 0 A.D.. I'm so excited about the upcoming Ancient Cities which will be release in late 2018, it looks very promising :)


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I love banished, you can get some good mods around for it now that adds in war elements to building!
I forgot to mention I chess is 1 of my fav strategy games, if 1 could class online chess as rts? I think yes


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Rome Total War
Age of Empires
and more like that.The best game of strategy and fight!!!! :p :cool: