Recommend Android Games


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I have an Android tablet, recommend me some games. Here's a few I have installed.

Need for speed Most Wanted
Subway Surfers
Jewel Quest
Sonic CD
House of the Dead

plus around a dozen more...


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No one recommended Modern combat and shadowgun? well try them too, they were the only ones i installed on my phone others being Angry birds and fruit ninja.


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Action game wasn't much of my thing when it comes to mobile games, but I made an exception for Quadropus Rampage. The game has a good sense of humour and it has very engaging, satisfying animations that keep me smashing enemies. The developers are also hilarious, calling it "the 16th best Android game of all times" when it was ranked 16th on roundup lists.

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That's easy!
Hitman GO (On sale currently)
Bloon TD5
Plague Inc
Tiny Dice Dungeon.

Also, there's currently a Saga Android bundle @HumbleBundle!


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i have transformers in my phone

lovely action game.try it and u will never quit this game.


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I quite enjoyed Godus, as a casual game. It took a little while to become very slow paced, like most games end up being.

For fans of turn based / mmos, you might wanna look up Lakoo Studios, I wish there were more players at the time I was trying out their mmo game.
Finally Injustice /Batman : Arkham Origins is a lot of fun whenever I'm sitting and got nothing to do.

Definitely trying out Quadropus Rampage :')


I haven't tried it, but I heard that Goat Simulator got ported to Android, and from the trailer it looks fun.


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Any one here has't recomanded you to play FIFA 14 . But it is one of the most favourite android games . The graphics and sound quality is very good and enjoyable . So you can play FIFA 14 .