Replace menu toggle button on mobile with all items of menu in wordpress blog


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I have my wordpress blog .

you can see that all items are displayed on menu on desktop/laptop,But when I open the same blog on mobile then all menu items are replace by toggle menu button(three lines) as you can see here
<a href=" " rel="nofollow">blog on mobile with main menu three line button</a>

what i am trying is all my items of menu (java,android,technology,about,contact) should be displayed in mobile as it is displaying in desktop.I donot want three line main menu button in mobile.

<strong>what I already tried:-</strong>

<li>I installed plugins like "responsive menu" and "Max Mega Menu" and "Menu Items Visibility Control" on wordpress dashboard.</li>
<li>I try to change my "media screen and (min width 600px)" section under style.css of my theme.</li>
<li>I try to change breakpoint at which menu start appearing(by default it is 600px).
None of them work.</li>

please suggest some solution.Thanks