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asexual synergy

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cPanel User Name: synergy


Detailed Description:

It's official!! I have decided to make my home here at Gigarank and couldn't be happier!!! The hosting has been amazing and I haven't had ANY problems with downtime or scripts I've added. With that being said, I have decided to have my url look a little more professional then the subdomain.

Would you please change my local domain to

Read it how you want it friendSTALK or friendsTALK ... the choice is yours really,
it works both ways. :heartylaugh:

Thanks. :)

asexual synergy

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Genesis said:
Great you are happy at Gigarank! Domain name has been changed as requested.

....and it was changed in less then 12 hours!!! Did I say amazing hosting?! Thank you, thank you Genesis and the entire team at Gigarank.