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Moved from Feedback Sub-Forum - comment on new cPanel look

Sander k said:
Can you add any screenshots for members like me please?
As far as I know your Website space is still available so you can still access your cPanel to have a look at it. I've modified the password and sent the log-in and password to you again.

Access to cpanel is: or

The "Switch Panel" right on top of the page should be set to "Clean Theme". You'll immediately see the difference as it is pretty striking.

If you want to use the hosting let us know as we can easily change your status to "Hosted Member". If you want us to terminate it, we could do that as well, or we can keep it dormant.

Sander k

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Just terminate it mate, got my own dedicated server, just wanted an account to see that SEO tools. But they are kind of use less.


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Doesn't look as though I can terminate accounts. Maybe un4saken or DJB can help us out.

cPanel Name: sander
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