Revamped my Website


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For the last few months I have been chipping away at redeveloping my own website. I now have it at a stage where I feel it's launchable. It's not finished just yet, I need a new logo set and need to setup a client area for which I plan to use WHMCS.

Let me know what you think:


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I have seen it recently, but there is one thing that doesn't look good for me and I have picked that up straight away.
I am talking about that green section without padding at the bottom of the container.

Also the logo looks a bit odd. The logo is going over the bottom border of this container.

Apart from that very nice and well bootstrapped :)


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Great new look dude!

If I have to look for something, then maybe it's the fonts. Some of the fonts are too small. Too much of a variety in sizes of fonts. And the larger fonts in the header paragraphs look too spidery thin. The font probably works on a handheld device but for the desktop I'm on, maybe it's not a really "across all platforms" friendly font.

I like the way the logo can expand and contract, but there seems to be a border line on the right hand edge. Like a table border that is visible in the desktop version (maybe not handheld devices?).

Not too crazy about the navigation bar - maybe it's because I'm used to the nicer one you have at Gigarank. I prefer a solid bar. Again, the experience could be different with hand held.

Also the font colour of the navigation headers doesn't quite fit for me with the Sitebee blue. Clashes a little. The green for the links doesn't work for me either. Maybe black would look better?

I also agree with Greg's point about the green in the footer area.


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I;ve not finished it yet, I deliberately published it early to speed up the development process, I will take on-board what you guys have mentioned.

Lot's left todo.


Well DJB, I really like your website's new look. Clean and modern ... also I see you like simplicity.

I really hope you won't mind that I will take a liberty to post a few comments and suggestions.

I think it is too "white" ... and that you should stick out a few things. Maybe dark header or CTA like this:



And I was also playing a bit like this ...ha:


PLEASE consider this only as an act of good will ...


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I noticed you have info@info@sitebee.... in your contact page. did you put it like on purpose or it's a mistake ? Don't you want to add a contact form ?


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:dodgy::dodgy: Few obvious and deliberate mistakes made to speed up the development of the website. Not working though, still too fecking busy, considering pausing Sitebee for while.