Rocket League


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I do - it's fun in small burts (I get bored after a few games in a day). I'm really bad at it and I feel like it's mostly luck - not sure if there's any real tips or just sheer chance and luck.


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I dont like it, but i dont hate it. I play it sometimes with friends, but thats nothing for me. I dont like football that much.


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I saw a video the of the gameplay. It looks good but I honestly don't think I would still have fun playing after 4 - 5 hours.


I love this game but after 1-2 months of plays i don't think i will have fun


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[font=Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif]This is one of my favorite games, I have more or less 430 hours of play, and I am a platinum rank 3, it is a game that I enjoy a lot, but also to know how to play and play it with friends, I would like someone to write me for play :)[/font]