Rooting and Flashing Asus Memo Pad HD ME173X


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So yesterday I rooted and flashed my Asus Memo Pad HD ME173X tablet back to a stock rom because I was having some issues with the touch screen. It`s not done the trick though.


The touch screen was doing strange things such as not showing the touch input where it should have been. In some cases touch was triggering almost a centimeter away.

The app install button would not work on some of the app marketplace which I can tell you is very annoying, some apps install just fine and some others the install button is unresponsive (does not work).

It`s really annoying me now, I think I will probably ditch the Asus Memo Pad HD ME173X and just get a Google Nexus 7.


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It was acting BEFORE I flashed it to a root stock rom.

It`s basically started at Christmas time when ASUS released a software version update. What I did yesterday was to root and flash back to the original ASUS stock rom (before the update)


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Asus tablets have those issue, it's a software issue (something to do with the touchscreen drivers). I know because I have a Nexus 7 2013 and it had similar symptoms as yours (try googling Nexus 7 ghost touches, you will find that many others suffer from it as well). However, my tablet is fine for now after a series of updates (latest is Android M). So unfortunately nothing much can be done, unless Asus pushes updates.