Rooting and Jailbreaking


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Rooting. Always fun. Especially with Cydia Impactor. The all-in-one universal rooting tool for Android. It even rooted my NX008HD8G, and it's a lesser-known device. This isn't just about cydia impactor - What do you think about rooting android and jailbreaking iOS. :yahoo: It's always FUN. So, why not tell each other how to root/jailbreak? This is a discussion for rooting/jailbreaking. Also, I kind of encouraged to discover a new exploit to root the chromecast - the updated version. However, rooting can go up like a :bomb:. I turned my NX008HD8G Tablet to an expensive tablet replica. It gets stuck at boot.

WHAT THE CRAP - BUILD.PROP IS INVALID? :bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb:


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You must have replaced it with wrong OS so now it is bricked. Kindly the OS suited for your tablet and then flash it


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I also enjoy rooting and jailbreaking because it lets you really use your device to the max and customize it in different ways. On android i always install custom roms and other root apps and on jailbreaks i like to customize my idevice and use tweaks. I wish that custom roms was available on both platforms but i know apple wont allow that.


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This thread is really playing with my head. AFAIK (and I don't know much of Apple, thankfully), if you're talking about an Apple iOS device (where Cydia would make sense) then await suggestions from someone else. If it's an Android device, look up your device at and look through their "General", "Android Development" and "Original Android Development" subforums till you find relevant threads to restore your semi-bricked device. In most cases, there are ways to flash custom recoveries and then bootable ROMs that can eventually bring you back to stock. Worst case scenario (hopefully), all you might need is a USB Jig but it's dirt cheap.


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Until now i rooted the following devices:
Acer Liquid A1 - also overclocked cpu
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110 - also overclocked cpu

Things to root:
Ipad 3 - when apple won't support it anymore
Sony Z3 - I think in a year or so.

Rooting is cool because it allows you to have a newer version of android on an old device and if you have a good kernel also overclock it. By doing so you'll give a new life to your device. Since android 4.4.2 you can't edit any files on the sd so rooting is your only solution to have a perfectly working device.

If you need help with any of those devices feel free to ask.


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I rooted Kindle Touch before, never tried rooting in Android or iOS! In Kindle you just have to load a MP3 file to it, then load it using MP3 player. UPDATE: This method doesn't work anymore in the new Kindle firmware! Oh, and correct me if I am wrong, but if you root I heard that you'll lose support from the originating company!


I'll probably try rooting my Android phone after the warranty expires. I heard rooting erases all your data and custom settings, so I'm kind of nervous about doing I, but if I make a backup things should be fine.


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When your phone is jailbroken or rooted, you can do a lot more with it :) It is cool to try that option.


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I reccomend that after you buy a new android phone unlock fastboot at once becuase if you want to root your device later you need to backup all your data in order to preserve them from wipe out
but if you enable fastboot from first place in rooting proccess you never loose data\