School vs job

Sander k

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What kind of school did you get and are you using that stuff now or are you doing something else for a living?


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I'd say most of school and university have been wasted on me. I consider both as a standard of education, and a necessary piece of paper for job applications. Maybe also a certain degree of accomplishment in that it takes some stamina and patience to see it through. But that is about as far as it goes.


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I am still a school boy as well as a webmaster, but my webmastering never got effected by my school. But my school got many time effected by my work.


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I'm at University studying IT. I'd say most of what we do have practical applications. Whether I'll use all of that later in a job probably depends where I end up one day. Not sure what I'd like to specialize in one day.


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I'm from IT field. I'm a lazy student while in University. now i have to struggle to earn money for living.. :cry::cry:

Caroline Centa

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I did some of an Advance Diploma in Science, before transferring to a Biology Major with Physics Minor at University. It wasn't long into the degree that I realised there wasn't a lot of work in that field that interested me, so I transferred over to Teaching. I now have a Bachelors Degree in Education and got work within 2 weeks of finishing my degree.

However, since leaving the field to focus on raising a family, it has become difficult to get work in teaching. I am competing against the fresh out of uni people and even they are not getting work straight away. I've had my name down for work since the beginning of the year and have not had even one call for relief work. I am praying that it is easier next year when my availability opens up a bit more.


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i left school at 16 for work, working as a contractor now[/align] and in my free time i'm learning python and web development


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I am studying, but would like to start working ASAP. I just cannot stand spending soo much effort without receiving anything in exchange, hahah. However, working is harder because you're always working on the same thing, while studying introduces a lot of variety.


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I learned nothing form school & everything I know now I learned after school
George Carlin. "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education''


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I studied Interactive Technology Engineering, was fun while at it, however I now work as freelancer while developing a business.
I think it was useful to get the degree because of what it makes you learn and some skills and perspective. But school isn't close enough to what matters in the real world.