Screen Option Panel


I hope this is worth of starting new thread, but I think many WP users, especially the ones who don't use it often, forget or just miss the Screen Option Panel at the top.
Whenever you are adding new entry, posts or page...or whenever when you are creating or dealing with menus, don't forget to check out Screen Options panel, because all available options are not checked by default.
If you miss some of the options then you might get stuck with let's say comments enabled on your page and then you start to look for the solution and loosing time, but you just forgot to check discussions option and you can't disable it, because it doesn't show below editor area.
Or if you are dealing with menus and you want your custom links to be opened in a new window, you can't find how to do it, because you must first check link target option in Screen Options Panel to be visible at all.

Many Themes or Plugins are adding their own custom options that must be checked first in Screen Options Panel, so they can be visible.
Sorry if you think this is too obvious, but my experiences with clients are telling me that this is worth to be mentioned.