Script to import big Databases


Hello ,

While moving databases from my old host to a new one I had a problem with my website database , I tried many times to upload the big sql files via phpmyadmin but I failed
So I searched and found this script bigdump.php and it did work :)

All you have to do is to upload your database via FTP client , zipped or as is
Then upload bigdump.php and run it from your browser
the script will ask you to provide username and password of your database ( you need to create an empty database first ) , and you are done

Script is attached


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Great share @Hazem
I always use bigdump scripts to upload big mysql databases to the server. phpmyadmin does not work well with big databases when you have a slow connection. These scripts keep the connection alive and you do not get time out.


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I have not the necessary permissions to view or download files!
What I have to do so I can download and view the file?


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just upload a copy of phpmyadmin then setup a sql directory then you can restore it by web interface