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No one can define SEO in a short world due to its benefits and working pattern. You can say that with out seo you cannot get successin internet marketing.
It promote website with the help of keywords, promote business and increase the number of customers over the short period of times.


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I heard that Google has declined the Link Wheel Method, is it true? But my company is still using Link Wheel method and getting benefits from Link Wheel


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So link wheel is another procedure on SEO? why don't they include Social networks in improving SEO? news and information can easily go viral thru this channels.


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Hi ,
A Link Wheel is a network of websites (commonly used by Web 2.0 sites) and blogs connecting to each other, which will link them to your website and helps your site to rank up in Google s front page. The traditional Link Wheel goes like this:
The networks of microblogs and web 2.0 sites can vary from 6 to as much as 116 for each link wheel.
As discussed earlier, this traditional diagram is mostly susceptible to being tracked by Google. This is not entirely illegal, so to say, but it is not verily acceptable in the eyes of Google.
I Hope this can help ^^

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The basic idea of link wheels is to create a pattern of links which flow from one website to another which would finally link to a targeted website requiring promotion.

It is like the wheel of sites.

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I have had much success using CloudFaire in the past. I think that it does a great job with improving both my SEO, site speed, and page load time. Has anyone had any similar success with a comparable program?