Searching a custom table in wordpress


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I'm currently building a site for a client and they want a search feature that will search all of the products they supply.

I have created a new table in the database called sc_products and then tried the below code in a wordpress template page but I don't appear to be getting anywhere. If anyone knows how I can get this working that would be awesome!


Template Name: myTemp


function search_it() {
if ( is_search() && isset($_GET['s'])) {

    global $wpdb;

    $address_table = $wpdb->prefix . "sc_products";
    $myrows = $wpdb->get_results( 'SELECT product FROM ' . $sc_products );
    foreach ( $myrows as $single_row ) {
         global $single_row;
    $product = $single_row->product;
    return $product;
$city = search_it();
echo $city;