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Caroline Centa

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I am not entirely sure if this is a giga-issue, domain issue or opencart issue, but perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

I currently run Opencart, which is hosted with the free hosting offered at, with a namecheap domain. I am very happy with the service so far. However, when I send out my monthly newsletter via the Opencart admin, most of my emails are not being sent with this message coming to me in my inbox:

"Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour (30/30 (100%)) allowed"

I am assuming that this is a restriction imposed on the hosting to prevent spam (as spammers are most likely to use free hosting to do their dirty work). What I don't know, is how to get around it. I tried inputting a sending address hosted elsewhere, but as I am running it through Opencart it makes no difference, so I am pretty sure it's not a restriction imposed on the email itself (hosted with my website on Gigarank). I would like to keep using the Opencart feature.

Can anyone help me identify who I need to talk to? and if it is Gigarank (like I suspect), what options do I have to remove (or increase) the maximum emails (I need to send about 250-300 at a time when I send out my newsletter - I don't know how to separate the emails in my database to stagger the sending). I send out my newsletter about once a month (usually less) and all people must manually opt into the subscription and have the option to opt out.

Thanks in advance!

Your cPanel username: Caroline Centa
Screenshot or error text, verbatim:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a temporary error. The following address(es) deferred:

<Email of Customer deleted for privacy>
Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour (30/30 (100%)) allowed. Message will be reattempted later


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HI Caroline, all your emails will go through, they will go out the hour later. There is a restriction on how many emails can be sent out per hour on the free hosting. They are held in a queue to reduce spamming and reduce outgoing email congestion. So if your sending out a mass mail of 300 it will take 10 hour's for them all to be delivered.

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Caroline Centa

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Is there a way for it to stop sending me notifications for them then? The last batch I sent out gave me 10 emails telling me that I had reached my limit? :) (Thanks for getting back to me)