SEO Marketing for Apps


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Nice design again. Easy to read as well. I like the banner heading particularly. Quite striking. :good:


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Those are some very good app marketing tips. Another way that I did not see mentioned was Facebook Marketing.

With Facebook marketing, it will cost you about .10 cents per download if you market correctly. Your ad will popup in the news feed of mobile devices with an "install" button. You only pay per guaranteed download, and it makes it much easier to get an ROI on the investment of your app, and you can easily keep track o your expenses and profits. One of the things that have troubled me about mobile app marketing is that not many people want to download your ads.

That is why mobile advertising networks are ultimately unsuccessful is because you pay per click, and not per download. Your daily downloads could be one, or 100. With Facebook ads, its guaranteed.

Although this is not SEO, it is a quick way to begin marketing your apps.


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all the best for the app development and marketing to all the interested guys. But you will find a huge competition there as most of them are having sound knowledge of SEO and which makes them more stable to rank their apps in app search engines. With new tactics you can beat the competition and always try to be Spam free.